Restore Your Confidence With Dental Implants

July 1, 2017

Missing teeth, or damaged teeth, can make someone appear a lot older than he or she is and can greatly diminish one’s quality of life. A glowing smile is one of the first things that someone will notice in a person and if you don’t have one, you may be less confident in your overall appearance. With advances in modern dentistry, a beautiful smile is attainable for anyone.

Dental implants are surgically implanted into the bones of a person’s jaw. Dentists performing the procedure take a great deal of time in planning and making sure that the patient can handle such a surgery. The implant is typically made of titanium, which does not have an adverse effect on the human body and fully integrates into a person’s mouth. A rod coming from the titanium implant is where a ceramic tooth is attached.

Implants are just like real teeth

Implants look just like normal teeth. To the average observer, there would not be a difference. Dental implants greatly improve one’s appearance and can restore confidence that was lost when the teeth were lost. Not only will someone look better with implants, but the implants will also protect a patient’s jawbone from shrinking. Shrinkage of the jawbone is one of the effects of having missing teeth.

Implants also function just like real teeth. With missing teeth, not only does someone not look good, but they also have a hard time eating. With dental implants installed, a person can feel free to eat whatever they want. When wearing dentures to replace missing teeth, there are usually some restrictions as to what a person can eat. That is not true with a dental implant.

Missing teeth create a multitude of problems for people. There are the associated health problems, but for many it is their appearance that suffers most. Along with their appearance comes a loss of confidence. Dental implants replace missing teeth and help to bring back a person’s confidence by giving them the chance to have a bright, beautiful smile.