No Insurance? No Problem! Affordable Dental Services in Palatine, IL

Dental services are essential for everyone, regardless of your insurance coverage. Many people have dental insurance to cover regular appointments and bigger treatments when they are needed, but what about dental services for people who don’t have insurance?

Dental Care You Can Afford

Just because you don’t have dental insurance, doesn’t mean that you can’t afford dental treatments! Maya Dental offers a variety of options for people who aren’t insured. Our goal is to provide quality dental services for everyone who needs treatments. We don’t believe that these services should be hard to access by people who don’t have dental insurance or a lot of cash to pay for the treatments out-of-pocket.

Regardless of your financial situation, you need good dental care! Maya Dental can help you find an effective payment solution, so that you can receive the timely dental services that you need before the dental problems turn into bigger issues later on.

Dental Treatments without Insurance

What are your options if you don’t have dental insurance? Maya Dental offers several payment plans, and we can discuss the options with you to find the best solution for your individual needs. We will work hard to make sure that you receive the dental treatments that you require without breaking the bank.

Instead of sacrificing quality for price, we will help you get the quality treatments that you need at a price you can afford. Value is our top priority, so you will be able to receive top-notch dental care at fair prices. We understand that high quality dental services right now can save you from bigger dental problems later on.

At Maya Dental, you don’t have to stress about having the payment up front. We invite you to contact our office to learn more about the payment plans that are available. Our office has packages available to help you make installments over time based on the monthly payments that you can afford.

Take care of your smile right now so that you can maintain good dental health for the future. By receiving the dental treatments that you need, it is possible to actually save money in the long-run because you will be able to avoid larger dental treatments in the future, such as fillings, root canals, and more.

Are you interested in learning more about the payment plans that are available at Maya Dental? Contact our office for more information!

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