Root Canal Therapy for Palatine, IL

Has the infection within and around your teeth gone so bad that it has become unbearable? It’s possible that you might need root canal treatment right away. Maya Dental offers this treatment in Palatine, IL, stopping further dental deterioration right on its tracks.

Why You Need a Root Canal

Once a tooth becomes badly decayed or infected, root canal therapy is definitely the next step. The procedure involves cleaning and sealing the inside of the affected tooth, with the nerve and pulp completely removed.

Why is this treatment needed?

  • Abscesses may form, making the affected area even more painful.
  • The area may swell and could start to affect other areas of the head, including the entire face and neck.
  • Bone loss may occur towards the tip of the root.
  • It may result to drainage problems as holes show up through the sides of the infected tooth and into the gums or into the skin.

Yes, ignoring problems that should immediately lead to a root canal procedure being done could cause even bigger problems that will not only affect your teeth, but your overall health in general.

Get the Best Root Canal Dentist to Address Your Needs

Root Canals Image
Maya Dental can give you the best root canal dentist who can get rid of the problem efficiently. Why choose us for your dental care?

  • Experience: Our experience in the field gives us the capacity to give long-term solutions to your dental problems. It’s not about patching up the holes so that you can come back after a few months; it’s about giving you a long-term fix that could keep you problem free for a long time.
  • Stress-free: We know what trauma can do to a dental patient, and that’s something that we never want anybody to experience. This is why we give you nothing less than stress-free service, keeping each procedure as painless as possible.
  • Convenience: We know how uncomfortable dental problems are, so we want to keep your entire treatment process as hassle-free as possible. This is why we work hard in doing everything to keep things convenient for you, including accepting different payment options and accepting appointments even on Saturdays.

Get professional root canal treatment and get that smile back into place. Call Maya Dental in Palatine, IL at 847-358-9800 and set up an appointment now.

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