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All on Four Implants in Palatine, IL (Teeth in a Day)

Far from being a complex, painful process, All on Four implants deliver on what their nickname promises: teeth in a day. This revolutionary implant method has been in use for over a decade, and has enabled many more people to receive new teeth, even those who previously were not considered good candidates.

Differences from Standard Implants

All on Four implants replace a full set of teeth by only using four implants: two in the front placed at the normal 90 degree angle to the jaw, and two in the back placed at 45 degrees. These four connection points hold the bridge in place, and account for the dramatic ability to give patients teeth in a day.  They also offer more stability and chewing power than over dentures.

Benefits of All on Four Implants

Angled Placement of Rear Impants

The angled placement of the rear implants allows them to be longer, which means that patients who may not have enough bone tissue for conventional implants can still receive a full set of new teeth.

More Affordable

All on Four is also a more affordable option than conventional implants, as they reduce the number of implants needed and also negate the bone grafting that can be necessary.

The Process

Step 1

The first step is an initial consultation to determine if you are eligible for All on Four implants. This may involve x-rays, a CT scan, measurements of bone density, and impressions.

Step 2

At your next appointment, you’ll have any teeth extracted as necessary, and then the implants will be placed. The replacement teeth will be fastened and adjusted, giving you, teeth in a day.

Step 3

Follow-up appointments will be scheduled to ensure that your gums are healing properly. After about six months, you’ll be fitted with a stronger, permanent set of teeth, once the implants are fully fused to the bone.

New day, new teethShopping!

For those considering implants, or who have been turned down for standard implant procedures, All on Four implants not only offer a beautiful set of new teeth, but also the convenience and speed of gaining a full new smile in just one day.

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